Because we love God and love people, we will:

- WIN people for Jesus

- BUILD strong disciples

- SEND missional leaders

OUR CORE VALUES: These are the values which shape our culture.  We value...

Authenticity:  We are real people, not religious people.  We believe that everyone is valuable to God; and not because of what they believe, how they look or how they live. We want all people to come to an authentic, life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Relationships:  Spiritually speaking, we are a family. Therefore we operate not according to rules but relationships. Healthy relationships are key to maintaining a Spirit of unity.

Teamwork:  We work together as a team, which is God's model for effective ministry. Everyone is good at something. Discovering and using your spiritual gifts is important to becoming effective in your role on the team.

Evangelism:  We believe the best way to introduce people to Jesus is no through a preacher's sermon but a relationship with a friend.

God's Word:  We believe that the Bible is God's written word and that it's not so much a rule book but an instruction manual for abundant life.

Service:  We believe that every church member is a minister. Not everyone is a pastor but all are ministers. This means that everyone is good at something and has a place to serve.